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Description: The Gatorade shower is a post-game ritual seen from the Sandlot to the Super Bowl. Celebrations aside, Gatorade is the most popular sports drink in the world, bringing in billions of dollars every year to its parent company, PepsiCo. But Pepsi doesn’t get to keep every dollar. Over the last few years, Pepsi has paid the University of Florida about $20 million annually for the rights to Gatorade. So what’s Florida got to do with Gatorade? And why do they make so much money from it? This original story was written by Mark Dent. To read the original story, visit….

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Date: Jan 25, 2023


Questions for discussion:

  • Summarize the story of Gatorade and how UF came to benefit from the development and branding of the product.
  • Do you think universities should be seeking collaborative projects with businesses?
  • Which products or industries would work best, in your opinion?
  • Imagine and describe one possible example.