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Description: Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation – Episode #766 – Host: Mitch Joel. If you have had to deep dive into presenting via video (who didn’t?), odds are that you have heard about Ecamm Live (which is a great software for the Mac that enables anyone to make their livestream, Zoom meeting, virtual presentation really standout). Ecamm has done a phenomenal job of recruiting those in the creator space to be both brand evangelists and help bring these video experts to a much broader audience. That’s where I first became captivated by Kevin Kolbe, his livestreams, and his knowledge of what it takes to create compelling video. Kevin sees himself as a video coach and content creator, who has a passion for helping people use video to share their gifts and make an impact in the world. His background is much deeper than his current high profile YouTubing world. He started our as a radio DJ, then went into television and creative direction. As the TV industry changed, Kevin decided to use his experience and passion for creating content to start his own video marketing business. His own video content has really helped me fast-forward my skills through his tips, tutorials, insights and storytelling. Want to amp up your video skills? Enjoy the conversation…


Date: Mar 14, 2021


Questions for discussion:

  • What are the key lessons creative marketing managers can learn from this interview with Kevin Kolbe?
  • Sketch out an example that reflects these ideas.