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Description: The ’90s fashion revival has past its peak. Over the last few years, women ditched skinny jeans for the classic Levi’s style, Champion windbreakers flew off shelves and streaming platforms battled for the rights to the hit show “Friends.” This revival of 1990s consumer tastes put certain brands like Fila and Supreme in the spotlight. But now the trend is fading, and as the decade returns to a thing of the past, there will be clear winners and losers, according to Jefferies.


Date: Nov 29, 2019


Questions for discussion:

  • What are the risks to fashion brands overly associated with one “look”?
  • Do you think the brands at risk due to fading fads, like the 90s look, can reposition themselves in the consumer’s mind?
  • What are some strategic ideas for how this can be done?